Sunday, April 17, 2011

something lacking...

I love this blog. I know it's hard to tell because I only post about once a year... but I do.

When I started this blog I really wanted to do two things.

one- to record my experiences as a mother so that my kids would have something to look back on. Let's face it, I'm not good at keeping a journal or a scrapbook or even taking pictures for that matter.

two- I wanted to share experiences with other moms (parents, ok, guys too...) because there is something comforting in knowing that someone else is also swimming in deep water.

I love to write and laugh at myself at the same time.

But there was something missing from this blog.

Everything I do and everything I am as a parent comes from God. These children that I'm blessed to have stewardship over are a gift from Him who first created their spirits. I can't keep a record of all I do as a mother without including Him.

So, my sister and I started a new blog; one that helps us to include all of the above.

And, since, let's face it, I can't even keep up with one blog- this one will be shut down pretty soon.

Don't worry, you'll find the same self-effacing snark on the new blog. It will just be more centered on what matters most: trying to be the parent God intended me to be.

So come on over to the light side and follow my sister and me on this crazy journey through parenthood at:

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